You can move mountains with the right education.

Your knowledge is your greatest source of strength.

Ernest Lehman offers you open & distance learning solutions for all your Project Management training needs.

Nothing can be left to chance when you guide a project from cradle to grave.

Project Management studies with Ernest Lehman will boost your capabilities and confidence.

Develop scarce and in-demand competencies to gain practical expertise that can be applied in the real-world contexts of the PM profession.

Masterclasses Education

A solid foundation in Project Management for novice students with four compulsory certification components.

Executive Education

Advanced coursework for experienced businesspeople with four flexible certification components and a focus on leadership.

Coaching & Mentoring

Personalized coaching & mentoring for executives who have specific questions that need quick, targeted solutions.

Masterclasses Education Stream

A thorough foundation in the core essentials of Project Management.

Build up a relevant Portfolio of Evidence to gain a foothold in the profession.

Receive experience & certification through the following foundational courses:

Basic Certificate

Foundation Certificate


Advanced Diploma

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Entry-level education that quickly sets you apart.

Cut your teeth as an ambitious and aspiring industry professional.

An Ernest Lehman education gives you an in-depth foundation to become an expert Project Team Member.

Students develop professional working practices by demonstrating increasing competencies in Business and Project Management.

Throughout the Masterclasses Education, the focus is to develop your critical understanding of relevant concepts such as:







EXECUTIVE Education Stream

Flexible and advanced courses to develop your expertise as a Project Team Member.

Develop critical and complex thinking skills through the guidance of industry experts with decades of experience.

Hone your PM and business acumen through the following advanced courses:

Executive Certificate

Executive Diploma

Executive Professional

Executive Expert

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Advanced education that puts you at the top of your game.

Address your unique needs with a flexible executive curriculum that’s designed to teach expertise in the most advanced competencies.

An Ernest Lehman education empowers Executive students to choose how they want to forge ahead in strengthening or repositioning their career trajectories.

Students develop the PM expertise that will give them recognition as industry leaders.

The focus is not only on technical competencies, but also on perfecting executive leadership skills that will have a positive impact on your:




Tailor-made Coaching & Mentoring

Expert guidance for executive-level Project Managers.

Get the quality advice you need to solve real-world problems in real-time.

These sessions are structured according to your specific needs.

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Specialist knowledge to solve your most pressing problems.

With Ernest Lehman, you draw on decades of hands-on Project Management experience. We advise you in making great decisions about your current projects and the development and trajectory of your own PM career.

No problem is too small or big for personalized guidance from an industry expert with the experience and insight of Ernest Lehman.

Expertise in Project Management is our Promise To You

This of course means that we have fiery hearts when it comes to PM work and our subject matter.

At the same time, we always honor the essential requirement for cool and confident minds within the profession.

Through maintaining the highest international standards, we teach you how to achieve excellence in all your professional activities.

This is an unmissable study opportunity.

An education in Project Management prepares you for an international market of career opportunities in a fascinating profession that is recession-proof.

Your career as a Project Team Member will enable you to make a meaningful contribution to the bigger picture of the world you live in.

Applications are open now.

Complete your registration by 18 February

to begin your studies on 29 February.


Learn from a Faculty of top experts to grow and accelerate your career.

This is going to be the best learning experience of your life!