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More about us

Ernest Lehman is a Project Management and Controls Academy that offers an internationally recognized education to experienced businesspeople and newcomers to the PM field.

The courses we offer

Our courses are divided into an Executive and a Masterclasses learning stream, depending on the work and educational experience you already have.

A world-class education

Register now to enroll at Ernest Lehman. Our blended learning curriculum gives you the benefits of both online group teaching and personalized guidance from the faculty.

Soaring like an eagle

At Ernest Lehman, your analytical and strategic mind will be put to its best use.

You will be taught how to maintain an eagle’s eye view over even the most complex projects.

You won't merely read books and write exams to complete your studies.

We're committed to empowering our students with a depth of practical knowledge.

Our expert Faculty teach you how to develop your critical thinking skills and problem-solving acumen.

A Fulfilling Career Choice

If you’re new to ideas like competencies and controls and trying to make a great career choice, you may be wondering:

“What do Project Managers actually do?”

Project Management is one of the most in-demand skills worldwide, and proficient Project Managers are sought after in a wide array of workplaces.

Industries like infrastructure, engineering, mining, finance & insurance, healthcare, agriculture, marketing & communications (to name only a few) all need competent Project Managers to achieve their goals.

If you’re a problem solver who’s always in line to puzzle out a complex riddle or cryptic enigma, then Project Management is a perfect fit for you.

At Ernest Lehman, we’re healthily obsessed with The Art of Project Management.

We find nothing more rewarding than engaging our brains to find practical solutions for complex logistical problems.

Do You Have Project Management Experience?

The best tool to pursue your career dreams is a superior education.

If you already have experience working in the area of Project Management and Controls…

Ernest Lehman will guide you on a new journey through knowledge, skills and values that will transform you into a highly capable PM professional.

Become a Professional with the most up-to-date skills and competencies.

Become an Expert who is a captain of industry and a leader in the profession.

Ernest Lehman’s Project Management Certificates and Diplomas offer accredited qualifications for those who want to advance to the highest levels in the PM profession.

Our top-of-the-range training develops your expertise.

Executive Education

Our Executive Education stream is aimed at developing the knowledge and competencies of PM students who already have considerable academic and work experience in Project Management and Controls.

If you have a minimum of five years of business experience or three years of project experience, you can rise through the ranks in your Project Management career with Ernest Lehman’s Executive Education qualifications.

This stream is divided into four flexible and modular certification components, aimed to cater to your current level of expertise and grow your knowledge and skills accordingly.

The components are:

Executive Certificate

Executive Diploma

Executive Professional

Executive Expert

Are You New To Project Management?

Choose your career according to your strengths.

If you have little or no experience in the Project Management and Controls field…

An education at Ernest Lehman lays the best possible groundwork for you to become an accomplished practitioner.

Our expert faculty teaches a comprehensive curriculum that integrates theory and practice to develop your acumen in a multitude of professional competencies.

The honest truth, though, is that we all have our strengths and that we can make our greatest contributions if we focus on perfecting them.

Through ongoing assessment, we determine if you’re best suited to be a project administrator, planner, or cost engineer, to name only a few career options.


Our Masterclasses Education stream gives you the most solid foundation available to enter this rewarding profession, develop your talents and succeed.

These in-depth courses cater to aspiring Project Managers who don’t have any previous educational or work experience in the field.

This stream is divided into four certification components that form a compulsory part of the curriculum for novice PM students.

They are:

Basic Certificate

Foundation Certificate


Advanced Diploma


Strong leadership requires the ability to communicate effectively with your teams while motivating them to do the hard work that’s necessary to complete projects according to the plans you’ve put in place.

We'll teach you how to connect with your teams as a firm and respected role model.

You'll become a leader whose integrity shines through to guide all team members through each phase of a project's workflow.

Choosing an education that adds value to your career trajectory.

Study the techniques and methodologies that work in the field and understand how to practically execute them.

Discover how your talents translate into a specific skills-set so that you can be guided toward the optimal career choice.

Our certified qualifications greatly expand your network of career opportunities.

Your road to PM distinction and mastery begins here.