Masterclasses Education

Online Education for aspiring Project Team Members

In-depth knowledge

Critical skills

Business acumen

A world-class education in Project Management


“With personalized mentoring and coaching from experienced industry professionals, you are empowered to move mountains in your Project Management career.”

- Ernest Lehman


An education that focuses on you.

Studying at Ernest Lehman is an unmissable, one-of-a-kind opportunity!

The Faculty is passionate about transferring expertise to future generations.

Our curriculum enables you to work in a global context.

We teach you about the real-world challenges of the profession.

Your continued success is our biggest concern.

The Aim of the Masterclasses Education coursework

Providing you with the knowledge and savvy to guide any project from cradle to grave.

Empowering you to become a valuable Project Team employee in diverse industries.

Making sure you'll benefit future employers and always protect their bottom line.

The Advantages of an Ernest Lehman Education

Our students are trained to the highest international standards.

Understand how to lead any project.

Accurately judge scope, timing and costs.

Implement streamlining methodologies.

Exercise disciplined Project Controls.

The Ernest Lehman approach

You have access to lecturers with decades of industry experience.

We measure your competencies and guide you to focus on your strengths.

Everything you learn gives you practical know-how for your career.

Additional Benefits

Students are guided through an Individual Development Planning system to strengthen their competencies and help them make informed career decisions.

This personalized guidance includes:

Development Reports

Talent Match Reports

Coaching and Mentoring Sessions

Interview Practice Sessions

Build a solid foundation with MASTERCLASSES EDUCATION

This program consists of four successive certification components:

Basic Certificate

Foundation Certificate


Advanced Diploma

Build up a PoE (Portfolio of Evidence) for future employment.

Basic Certificate

Duration: 3 months

The Basic Certificate gives students an overview and grounding in Project Management competencies.

Foundation Certificate

Duration: 6 months

The Foundation Certificate curriculum focuses on developing emergent Business Management skills.


Duration: 12 months

The Diploma coursework presents advanced coverage of the key elements of Project Management. 

Advanced Diploma

Duration: 24 months

The Advanced Diploma empowers students to develop in-depth competencies and leadership skills.

An Ernest Lehman Masterclasses Advanced Diploma enables students to enroll in the Ernest Lehman Executive Education stream.

A state-of-the-art blended learning experience

Ernest Lehman’s Learning Management System (LMS) gives you complete access to your classes and learning materials.

Classes are presented in the format of webinars, online work sessions, and online Q&A sessions.

Our online and distance e-learning training model enables you to study from anywhere in the world.

Additional in-person learning opportunities allow you to meet lecturers and fellow students offline.


The Masterclasses Education program is completed through assignments that form part of a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE).

Students gain from continuous assessment throughout the course.

After completing the coursework you can apply to write examinations for ISO certification.

There is a compulsory one-week pre-exam course to prepare for these examinations.

International Certification

Ernest Lehman is partnered with international accreditation bodies that provide ISO (International Organization of Standardization), PMP (Project Management Professional), and IPMA (International Project Management Association) certifications.

Our curriculum is accredited by:

International Accreditation Service (IAS)

United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB)

CPD Certification Service

Standards Council of Canada (SCC)

We follow the United States Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) rules and regulations.

Language and literacy requirements

All classes, correspondence, and learning materials are in English.

Computer literacy and access to computer equipment are essential.

Admission requirements

You need to be a minimum of 16 years old.

Both students with academic high school certificates and those from technical and vocational schools are welcome.

No previous working or tertiary study experience is necessary.

Application procedure

Apply before each term’s closing date.

Supply your application documentation in English or translated into English.

There is a flat $55 application fee.

Each course has unique registration fees that allow you to enroll.

The registration process lasts 10 to 12 days.

There are four enrollment opportunities per year.

Schedule a call if you have any questions about applying.

Application and term timelines

Term 1

Applications close on 18 February 2024.

Classes run from 29 February until 9 May.

Term 2

Applications close on 19 May 2024.

Classes run from 30 May until 8 August.

Term 3

Applications close on 18 August 2024.

Classes run from 29 August until 7 November.

Term 4

Applications close on 17 November 2024.

Classes run from 28 November until 6 February.

Cost outline

Application fee

Basic Certificate

Foundation Certificate


Advanced Diploma

$ 55

$1 405

$2 755

$5 455

$10 855

Invest in yourself with this opportunity to become a world-class Project Team Member.

An Ernest Lehman education offers students a bright and thriving future.

An Excellent Career Choice

This profession is recession-proof.

There is a global demand for professionals who can control any project and ensure its optimal delivery.

With an Ernest Lehman education you will become an industry leader and have a fulfilling and lucrative career.

Let’s begin on that journey today!

Career Pathways

You will be able to work as a Project Team Member in numerous industries.

Marketing & communications


Transport & logistics

Real estate development




Fabrication & manufacturing


Engineering & mining


Finance & insurance

Marketing & communications


Transport & logistics

Real estate development




Fabrication & manufacturing


Engineering & mining


Finance & insurance

Become part of a Project Management revolution at Ernest Lehman.

If you have any questions, feel free to schedule a call.

We would love to meet with you.