Make a positive impact in business

& society through Project Management.

With practical know-how and in-demand skills, you will add value to any organization.

Advancing your knowledge and experience to pursue rewarding career opportunities.

In-depth knowledge

Critical skills

Business acumen

A world-class education in Project Management

Globally, companies have an enormous need for trustworthy Team Members who have Project Management expertise. With the right education, you can be one of those highly sought-after employees.


The world continues to (r)evolve.

Roller-coaster economies.

Turbulent politics.

Rapidly changing technology.

And increasingly complex logistics.

Highly adept Project Managers create business flow and profitability despite these challenges.

But how do you stand out from the crowd?

With advanced skills and competencies that are highly sought after.

Get ahead in the global demand for expert Project Managers.

Ernest Lehman offers outstanding Project Management training, coaching and mentoring for your certification.

By mastering the essentials, you will bring value to your industry through:

Insightful leadership

Communication & negotiation

Decision-making skills

Streamlining & adaptability

Forecasting & strategic planning

Costing & budget efficiency

Who is Ernest Lehman?

Passionate and inspirational as a mentor, Ernest Lehman imparts his wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to develop the abilities of aspiring and established Project Managers.

As a seasoned industry expert, Ernest provides a wealth of knowledge and experience to equip his students.

For more than 40 years, Ernest has dedicated himself as a Project Services Manager at major corporations such as Anglo American, Anglo Gold, and Debswana Diamond Company.

Ernest was instrumental in handling Project Controls at De Beers Group and Murray & Roberts, and Project Management at Fluor and Hatch.

He worked in leadership roles at global oil and gas companies such as Shell, Total, Caltex, Mobil, Engen, Sasol, and BP.

Ernest holds two Master’s degrees in Project Management and Business from the University of Queensland, Australia, as well as various certificates and diplomas.

Who can benefit from studying at Ernest Lehman?

Traditionally, Project Management is associated with the following industries:

Engineering and mining

Energy and utility

Finance and insurance

Transport and logistics

Fabrication and manufacturing

Information technology

Project management is also needed in:



Science & other research



Marketing & communications

Arts & entertainment






Executive Education

Do you already have experience working in the project management and controls field?

Experience the satisfaction of taking responsibility for the big picture.

Advance your career to become an acknowledged leader in any of these sectors.

Companies looking to develop the PM skills of their middle to top management need to look no further.

The Executive Education stream offers four advanced

Project Management qualifications according to your needs.

Programme Outline

There are four levels of education that you can pursue, depending on your existing qualifications and work experience:

Executive Certificate

Executive Diploma

Executive Professional

Executive Expert

Learning Outcomes

Your PM competencies and prowess will develop significantly to securely position you as a highly-regarded industry expert.


To enroll in one of the four EXECUTIVE EDUCATION courses, you need to have the following educational and work experience:

Executive Certificate and Executive Diploma

An Ernest Lehman MASTERCLASSES Advanced Diploma OR any Bachelor’s degree from a recognized educational institution.

Any equivalent qualification and 5 years of business work experience OR 3 years of Project Management work experience.

A letter of recommendation from your firm and industry peers will count to your advantage in the student selection process.

Your notarized or certified transcripts need to be in English or translated into English.

Executive Professional and Executive Expert

An Ernest Lehman Executive Education Diploma or any recognized postgraduate degree or its equivalent.

6 years of professional experience in the candidate’s field of specialization.

A current C.V. or Resume along with a portfolio of published materials (if any).

Letters of recommendation from your firm and industry peers will count to your advantage in the student selection process.

A Statement of Intent for the study.


“World-class project manager Ernest Lehman equipped us with sustainable business managers to increase profitability, catapulting G&H into a brilliant future!”

– Beulah van Niekerk

“Most organizations measure project progress incorrectly and under-utilize risk and change management. Ernest’s specialized practical training greatly advances this.”

– Jurie Moolman

“Ernest’s sharply structured online program provides highly relevant learning courses, personal guidance, and expert mentorship. My career has excelled.”

– André Potgieter

Masterclasses Education

Are you young and aspiring to pursue a challenging and rewarding career?

If your brain ticks like this, then you will be the ideal Project Manager…

A meticulous, systematic, and strategic thinker, you are at your best when the pressure is on.

As an excellent communicator, strong leadership is something that comes naturally to you.

The Masterclasses Education stream offers four foundational Project Management qualifications according to your needs.

Programme Outline

No previous work experience or Project Management qualification is required.

There are four courses for your certification:

Basic Certificate

Foundation Certificate


Advanced Diploma

Learning Outcomes

The knowledge and professionalism you gain will set you apart from the crowd to establish a rewarding career.


To enroll in the MASTERCLASSES EDUCATION stream, you need to meet the following preconditions:

Minimum age: 16 years.

No previous business experience is necessary.

Students with a K-12 high school certificate and those with artisan training in technical and vocational skills are both welcome.

Your notarized or certified transcripts need to be in English or translated into English.

All classes, correspondence, and learning materials are in English.

Computer literacy is essential.

Enrollment dates

Enrollment is open until 21 May 2023,


and classes begin on 1 June.

A commitment to quality and excellence.

Course Delivery

At Ernest Lehman, you learn how to apply theory in real-world scenarios. This develops your practical know-how and soft skills.

You will be taught through blended learning, which incorporates online teaching (through recorded webinars etc.) and face-to-face meetings (online or in-person).

Our cutting-edge Learning Management System offers you all the tools you need to access your classes and learning materials. 


An internationally recognized education in Project Management:

Ernest Lehman is partnered with international accreditation bodies that provide ISO (International Organization of Standardization), PMP (Project Management Professional), and IPMA (International Project Management Association) certifications.

Our curriculum is accredited by:

International Accreditation Service (IAS)

CPD Certification Service

ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB)

Standards Council of Canada (SCC)

United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

We follow the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) rules and regulations and CHEA is in the United States of America.


Why Project Management?

It is one of the most in-demand and recession-proof business skills. It enables you to drive change and contribute as an all-around planner and problem solver in a fast-changing world.

What competencies are taught in the program?

Everything you should know to be an excellent Project Manager: i.e., risk, change, procurement and stakeholder management, estimating and scheduling, quality, standards, processes, and methodologies, measuring, budgeting, organization, communication, team dynamics, leadership, ethics, and more.

Who can enroll at Ernest Lehman?

Anyone with the interest and talent to be a good Project Team Member. We have two main certification streams that cater to a diverse student intake:

1. EXECUTIVE EDUCATION: For businesspeople with experience in managing projects who want to improve their know-how and skills to achieve excellence in their work.

2. MASTERCLASSES EDUCATION: For aspiring students who have little or no work experience but have the drive and ambition to secure a foothold in the PM profession.

My commitment to you:

At Ernest Lehman, you receive a world-class education in Project Management & Controls that equips you with highly prized transferable skills.

Everything you learn at Ernest Lehman is rooted in practical know-how that places theoretical knowledge inside real-world scenarios.

Our training empowers people to make far-reaching, transformational changes in big-picture contexts.

Set yourself apart.

Become part of the Project Management revolution!